Nuclear Energy: Assuring Energy, Health and Food May 06 - 10, 2024 Escola de Guerra Naval (EGN) | Rio de Janeiro - RJ


INAC 2024 serves as an intellectual platform for a profound exploration of nuclear energy's multifaceted sides, particularly its role as a catalyst for industrial growth, employment generation, and socio-economic advancement. Additionally, the conference aims to highlight the invaluable contributions of nuclear science and technology to environmental sustainability in regions and nations where these resources are deployed.

INAC 2024 encompasses three distinct yet interconnected technical meetings: the XXIII Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Physics and Thermal Hydraulics (XXIII ENFIR), the XVI Meeting on Nuclear Applications (XVI ENAN), and the VIII Meeting on Nuclear Industry (VIII ENIN). Additionally, we are delighted to present the tenth edition of the Junior Poster Technical Sessions, specially designed for undergraduate students from various colleges and universities. This platform allows them to share their invaluable research findings, nurtured under the guidance of esteemed nuclear researchers from Brazilian Institutions.

Complementing the conference program, Expo INAC 2024, our renowned technical and commercial exhibition, will run parallel to INAC 2024 itself. This presents an invaluable opportunity to network with delegates, strengthen ties with existing partners, forge new relationships, display products and services, unveil innovative solutions, and explore international collaborations that can form the basis of lasting alliances.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all contributors who have played a role in the publication of the Proceedings – the authors, the diligent board of referees, and the dedicated editorial committee. We would also like to commend the Chairs and Co-Chairs of the technical meetings for their unwavering commitment to ensuring the success and technical excellence of INAC, the largest nuclear event in South America.

We acknowledge, with deep appreciation, the support of our sponsors, government agencies, industries, and institutions, both past and present, whose direct and indirect contributions have been instrumental in ensuring the triumph of this event.

ABEN and the INAC 2024 Organizing Committee recognize that the true essence of this meeting lies in your participation. We thank you in advance for sharing your valuable time with us and extend our warmest wishes for an enriching and enjoyable experience during your visit to Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

We cordially invite you to be our honored guests at INAC 2024!

Maria de Lourdes Moreira
INAC 2024 Chair


The XXIII ENFIR, a bi-annual gathering of the nuclear reactor community in Brazil, is set to take place in 2024. We are excited to announce that this event will be hosted alongside the International Nuclear Atlantic Conference (INAC2024) in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro from May 6-10.

This traditional meeting will bring together leading researchers and nuclear professionals from both national and international institutions. The program promises to be rich in compelling technical discussions, covering a diverse array of topics, from nuclear reactor physics to innovative reactor technologies.

For the XXIII ENFIR 2024 edition, the technical program will feature engaging roundtable discussions, enlightening lectures, and insightful plenary sessions presented by renowned national and international experts in the field. Additionally, there will be opportunities for both oral and poster presentations of contributed papers.

Participants are kindly encouraged to submit extended abstracts of their original and unpublished research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the following areas

R01 Nuclear Reactor Physics, Advanced Nuclear Reactors

R02 Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics, Reactor Safety Analysis, Nuclear Reactor Licensing and Regulation

R03 Applied Mathematics and Computation, Computational Fluid Dynamics

R04 Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation and Control, Man Machine Interface

R05 Structural Mechanics, Nuclear Reactor Fuel Fabrication and Design, Fuel Cycle Management and Services

R06 Nuclear Power Plant Viability, Design, Construction and Operation, Environmental Impact Applied to Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycle

R07 Nuclear Security

Full papers of the accepted extended summaries presented at the meeting are most welcome to be considered for publication in a special issue of Brazilian Journal of Radiation Science (BJRS) dedicated to the INAC 2024, provided they meet the BJRS review standards. 

Join us at XXIII ENFIR 2024 as we gather to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on the forefront of nuclear reactor research.

Stay tuned for further details on the conference, registration, and submission guidelines. We look forward to your participation in this exciting event!

Frederico Antonio Genezini


The XVI Meeting on Nuclear Applications (ENAN) will be held in Rio de Janeiro from 6th to 10th May 2024. It is a well-established event addressing the cutting-edge scientific, technical, and social issues of nuclear applications in Brazil and worldwide.

The XVI ENAN aims to attract academic audiences and professionals from industries, hospitals, and workplaces sharing radiation application interests in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. The event is expected to be an outstanding forum for reasoning the latest developments in standard and brand-new nuclear technologies with a high impact on health, agriculture and food, environment, industry, dosimetry, nuclear instrumentation, cultural heritage, radioactive waste, and other related topics.

The XVI ENAN  program will feature roundtable discussions and plenary invited lectures by leading experts in their fields, enabling all participants to deepen their knowledge of the latest research, technological innovations, and future challenges to ensure sustainable and safe development of the countless radiation applications.

Participants are kindly encouraged to submit extended abstracts of their original and unpublished research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the following areas

E01 - Dosimetry and Nuclear Instrumentation

E02 - Applications to the Environment

E03 - Applications in Health and Industry

E04 - Applications in Agriculture and Food

E05 - Radioactive Waste

E06 - Applications to Cultural Heritage

Full papers of the accepted extended summaries presented at the meeting are most welcome to be considered for publication in a special issue of Brazilian Journal of Radiation Science (BJRS) dedicated to the INAC 2024, provided they meet the BJRS review standards. 

The ENAN Organizing Committee believes the participants will profit from this meeting and enjoy the unforgettable charisma of Rio de Janeiro. 

Carmen Cecília Bueno


Nuclear technology continues to demonstrate its important role in providing clean and reliable electricity around the world, becoming one of most important alternatives to guarantee continuous improving for the Quality of Life and to establish a higher Decarbonized Energy Matrix to our Planet.

On behalf of the VIII Meeting on Nuclear Industry, it is a pleasure to invite all scientists, industry experts and delegates, professors, young researchers and students from all over the world to attend the International Nuclear Atlantic Conference 2024 (INAC 2024) from May 6th to May 10th, 2024.

The ENIN is being held for the 8th time in conjunction with the INAC and this year the main theme of the Conference will be “Nuclear Energy: Assuring Energy, Health and Food”.

The VIII Meeting on Nuclear Industry will focus on the INAC giant challenges through keynote speakers, roundtable discussions with industry experts, technical presentations and poster sessions. This is an unique opportunity for interested individuals in the nuclear industry to participate, share their knowledge, meet and network with both experienced and young professionals as well as to learn more about the latest trends on nuclear technology, plant operations, new plant status, licensing challenges, and much more. We invite all to be part of this exciting international event. Be part of it!

Participants are kindly encouraged to submit extended abstracts of their original and unpublished research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the following areas

I01.    Energy Generation Sector, Advances in New Nuclear Power Plants Deployment and Technology Innovations & trends

I02.    Plant Operation Strategies, costs and capacity factors in the Nuclear Generation of Large Utilities

I03.    Uranium Market and Nuclear Fuel Cycle Industry

I04.    Public Awareness, sustainability and social impact of nuclear technologies

I05.    Nuclear Safety & Security, non-Proliferation, Safeguards and Nuclear Forensics, Radioprotection and Safety Culture

I06.    Human Resources and Professional Development

Full papers of the accepted extended summaries presented at the meeting are most welcome to be considered for publication in a special issue of Brazilian Journal of Radiation Science (BJRS) dedicated to the INAC 2024, provided they meet the BJRS review standards. 

João da Silva Gonçalves

Marcelo Gomes da Silva


The 10th edition of the Junior Poster Technical Sessions for undergraduate students will be held as a technical meeting of the upcoming INAC 2024.

These students are under the supervision of nuclear researchers from Brazilian institutions.

This event fosters the scientific vocation and encourages potential talents among undergraduate students, enhances the qualifications of undergraduates for entrance in graduate courses, and contributes to the expansion and renewal of technical professionals of nuclear field in this country.

Undergraduate students please note that extended summaries submitted to the JPoster can be written in Portuguese following the templates available on this website with at least one advisor as a co-author.

In the case of JPoster submission, extended summaries without co-authorship of the undergraduate student’s advisor(s) will be rejected for presentation prior to revision by the appropriate co-chairs.

Graciete S. de Andrade e Silva
Jr Poster Chair

Leonardo G. de Andrade e Silva and Ricardo C. Barros
Jr Poster Co-Chairs


The 11th International Nuclear Atlantic Conference – INAC 2024  will be held in the period from May 6 to May 10, 2024. Its main theme will be “Nuclear Energy: Ensuring Energy, Health and Food”. Its main objective will be the discussion about the essential role of nuclear technology and its applications on those fundamental issues for society in general. INAC is an event held every two years, organized by the Brazilian Association of Nuclear Energy, a 42-year-old institution that promotes the dissemination of peaceful uses of nuclear energy in areas like electric energy generation, medicine, agriculture, environment and industry. Parallel to INAC 2024, the event will include the 23rd Meeting of Physics of Reactors and Thermo-Hydraulics (ENFIR), the 16th Meeting of Nuclear Applications (ENAN), the 8th Meeting of Nuclear Industry (ENIN), as well as the 10th Junior Poster Technical Sessions (poster sessions for undergraduate students) and the 11th ExpoINAC. ExpoINAC 2024, with its traditional exhibition stands, will congregate, in the same venue, the commercial and technical sectors, in order to integrate the participants with guest speakers and exhibitors. In the meantime, there will be demonstrations of products, services, innovations as well as solutions designed to boost business and projects both in national and international contexts. The event is an excellent opportunity for knowledge updating and the establishment of new partnerships due to the presence of professionals and companies representing the complete productive chain in the nuclear sector from research and development to infrastructure and research and regulatory institutions. Come and participate in the undeniably greatest event of the nuclear sector in Latin America!

For further information about sponsorship

Katia Lanes


The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Association (ABEN) Nuclear Ambassadors Competition aims at increasing the reach of information about nuclear technology and its benefits, seeking to educate the public and multiply the number of people who understand the advantages of developing the nuclear sector in the country. In a specific INAC 2024 session, there will be the nomination of the third award winning groups in the undergraduate and postgraduate/teachers categories, who will make a short presentation of their work followed by the delivery of certificates

Olga Y. Mafra
Nuclear Ambassador Competition Coordinator


To submit the extended abstract, you must create your account at the event by clicking here.



March 04, 2024 - Deadline for Extended Summary Submission
April 10, 2024 - Notification of Acceptance / Non-Acceptance of Extended Summary 
April 20, 2024 - Deadline for Revised Extended Summary Submission

May 6, 2024 -  Deadline for upload of the e-poster


Category 04-04-2024 05-06-2024
Non-member BRL 1,800 BRL 2,000
Individual or institucional ABEN member (*) BRL 1,440 BRL 1,600
Undergraduate Student BRL 300 BRL 300
Master student BRL 400 BRL 400
Doctoral student BRL 500 BRL 500
Press BRL 1,800 BRL 2,000
Exhibitor BRL 1,800 BRL 2,000

UNTIL MARCH, 20- 2024: BRL 1.800,00
AFTER MARCH, 20 - 2024: BRL 2.000,00

STUDENT: R$ 300,00
PHD STUDENT: R$ 500,00


(*) DISCOUNTS FOR MEMBERS: Values ​​for individual ABEN members and employees of institutional partners (active): 20%

Special discount package for groups of 5 people or more. Please contact the Secretariat for more information

CANCELLATION POLICY: In case of withdrawal and formal justification of withdrawal from participation, the refund of amounts will be made through a refund to the participant's credit card or account (according to the payment method) withdrawn within 30 days of withdrawal) in accordance with the conditions below : Withdrawal without justification: - Up to 7 days after purchase – 100% refund of the amount paid, for purchases made until 04/28/2024; - Until 04/15/2024 – refund of 50% of the amount paid - From 04/15/2024 there will be no refund for withdrawal or cancellation for any reason, however it is possible to present a replacement for the vacancy - After the periods mentioned above, there will be no refunds for resistance.


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